Monitoring  Political Financing

  1. Monitor money spent by political parties and candidates on electoral campaigns
  2. Contribute towards building equitable, transparent and accountable finance systems.
  3. Monitor financial resources raised and managed by political parties on routine party activities.
  4. Monitor and expose misuse of state resources (financial, institutional, regulatory and enforcement) on partisan political activities.
  5. Monitor and expose corruption in Political Party financing and electoral processes

Civic Engagement for Political and Electoral Accountability

  1. Conduct anti-vote buying and selling campaigns targeting voters and politicians.
  2. Conduct political engagements between voters and elected leaders.
  3. Support citizens to participate in and influence key governance processes, including elections and electoral reforms.

Campaign Finance Reforms Prioritized

  1. Advocate for amendments within electoral laws to incorporate provisions on campaign financing, tougher sanctions against voter bribery and prohibit the giving of donations by all candidates including a President who is also a candidate.
  2. Lobby for stronger Political Finance Regulator (PFR)


Institutional and Organisational Development

  1. A strong and sustainable Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) institution is critical for the effective implementation of this Strategic Plan