Celebrating “in-dependent” or independence

Today,9th October 2020 Uganda celebrates her 58th anniversary of self –rule. The day the union jack was lowered and the Ugandan flag raised, and the instruments of power handed over to Ugandans. Celebrations, ululations filled the atmosphere as the coalition based

Mystery around NRM sources of funds

Mystery surrounds the National Resistance Movement (NRM) sources of funds and her exorbitant spending. Ahead of the 2020/2021 general elections, NRM has already begun her spending spree with procurement of over 68,000 Bicycles for the Local Council one chairpersons

How heavy campaign spending triggered violence

The NRM primaries that transpired early this month were marred with astronomical sums of money spent by candidates triggering violence in most constituencies across the country. It was clearly observed that some candidates took part in door to door voter bribery

How dirty money dominated NRM Party Primary elections

After glancing at what happened during the National Resistance Movement party primary elections, a picture of what can be termed as a “strange democracy” came to my mind. The election was characterized by spending of colossal amounts of money on bribing of

Candidates spend big on party primaries in Uganda

Preliminary analysis from ACFIM campaign finance Database reveals that candidates for the National Resistance Movement(NRM) Party primary elections for Member of Parliament flag bearers that were conducted on September 4th , 2020, spent on average UGX 300 million

Alliance For Finance Monitoring