Welcome to the ACFIM family

ACFIM membership is anchored on the solidarity of the civic actors that are actively engaged in electoral governance and particularly political financing.

Why become a member of ACFIM?

Being part of the ACFIM family is an opportunity to:

  1. Influence collectively decisions that can make elections and elected leaders matter to people’s lives.

  2. Connect with and to the different sources and forces of citizen action at national regional and continental levels that are focused on de-commercilaising electoral politics.

  3. Enable through building and strengthening the capacity of members to monitor the manner in which politics and political processes are financed and contribute towards electoral integrity.

Who is eligible to be a member of ACFIM?

ACFIM is open to registration by:

(a) Any legally constituted and independent civil society organization, foundation, or a legitimate district/regional/national CSO platform or network that engages in electoral governance and advocates the interests of citizen participation in decisions that can make elections and elected leaders matter to people’s lives.
(b) Any individual who has attained an outstanding rank among citizens and has demonstrable passion in political financing or advocating the interest of citizen participation in politics and electoral processes in their district/country/region/continent/globally is also eligible to becoming a member.

Categories of Membership

Membership to Alliance for Finance Monitoring is categorized as follows:

Full Memebership

Associate Membership

Honorary Membership

Membership benefits

A member of ACFIM will enjoy the following benefits:

1) Sub grants for activity implementation;
2) Training, mentoring and coaching on different aspects of political finance;
3)Connections to and networking with other organizations including regional and international organisations/platforms;
4) Opportunity to participate in professional development workshops and opportunities;
5) Assistance with ICT innovations or software installation and upgrading;
6) Ability to promote volunteer opportunities and special events through unique media opportunities and targeted promotional campaigns;
7) Market member organizations’ by displaying/distributing information through ACFIM platforms
8) Opportunity to participate in innovative new initiatives, programs and services as they are developed and implemented.
9) Promoting through ACFIM website and social media pages

Member obligations

Any member of ACFIM should fulfil the following obligations:

a) Pay annual membership fees and all other dues as required by this constitution or bylaws as shall from time to time be determined; (Check out our membership fees)
b) Attend, participate and vote in the proceedings of all relevant meetings/assemblies, and other activities and programmes of the Coalition;
c) Support the activities of the Alliance in the respective areas of jurisdiction;
d) Contribute resources to facilitate ACFIM programs and activities;
e) Provide information on their programs /activities at least quarterly to enable the Alliance to plan accordingly for its membership;
f) Participate whenever required by the Alliance in drawing up proposals and activity plans for the Alliance;
g) Continuously update ACFIM of changes in the organization and addresses.

Membership Application Requirements

All applicants are required to:

1. Fully meet the eligibility criteria for membership to the satisfaction of ACFIM Board of Directors.
2. Complete the ACFIM Membership application form.
3. Express their solidarity with ACFIM by signing up in writing to ACFIM’s Mission, Vision and Values.
4. Manifest their agreement with the matters of electoral governance and preferably political financing and accountability.
5. Organisations applying for full membership should also include the names of a designated representative and attach the following documents;
a) Copy of certificate of registration issued by a government authority as a proof of the non-profit and/or legal status of the organization.

b) Official documents detailing the mandate and scope of the organisation, such as the latest organisation’s annual report, the approved memorandum/Articles of Association or constitution of organization, and any other official document that explains the organisation’s purpose, aims and initiatives.

c) Last 2 years’ audited financial statements.

d) Reference from local government leader where the applicant’s head office is domiciled.

e) Pay the annual membership fees determined by ACFIM Board of Directors unless specifically given a fee waiver under the Membership Fee Waiver provisions.

f) Persons applying for individual membership should attach their updated CV and 3 references.

Standard Admission Procedure

Complete an online application form on the CIVICUS website and upload (or send by email) the supporting documents/information required for verification. Only in cases where the member is not able to access internet, an offline form will be made available.

Receive confirmation of receipt of the application and, if needed, request for submission of additional supporting documents.

Undergo review by ACFIM.

Receive notification of ACFIM’s BOD decision through an email from ACFIM Secretariat.

If accepted as member, sign on to the vision, mission and values of ACFIM and complete the payment of the annual membership fee.

Membership Admission Criteria

Any organization or individual interested in becoming a member of the Alliance for Finance Monitoring must submit a filled application form.
(Click here to download Application Forms)

The filled application form is submitted with the necessary attachments to the Executive Director, ACFIM.

Your application will be processed and discussed by the Board of ACFIM and approved by the Annual General Meeting if it meets all the necessary requirements

(see requirements here)

Proposed membership fees


Individual members


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Associate Members


International Organisations

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