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Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) is a Pan African civil society organisation founded in Uganda to contribute towards building electoral integrity through monitoring political and electoral financing, engaging citizens on electoral accountability and advocating for feasible election campaign finance regulatory framework.
ACFIM believes that sustainable democracy may not be realised if the question of too much money in politics and electoral processes is not addressed.


A society where political leaders are responsive and accountable to citizens.


To contribute towards building electoral integrity by promoting transparency and accountability in financing of political and electoral processes through research, civic engagement, monitoring and advocating for reforms.

priority areas

Monitoring Political Financing

ACFIM focuses on monitoring, documenting best practices and exposing flaws in financing of political parties and election campaigns.

Civic Engagement for Political and Electoral Accountability

ACFIM seeks to mobilize and empower voters to make rational voter choices not based on money; encourage political candidates to contest on (merit, manifesto and ideology) as opposed to influence of money; and support interactions between voters and political candidates to foster political accountability to improve service delivery.

Campaign Finance Reforms

ACFIM advocates for amendments within electoral laws to incorporate provisions on campaign financing, tougher sanctions against voter bribery and prohibit the giving of donations by all political candidates.

Institutional and Organisational Development

Focuses on building a strong and sustainable institution that fulfils her vision and mission.

theory of change

Our intervention logic is premised on the theory that:

Politics and electoral processes will be de-commercialized, transparent and free from malfeasance; and political leaders will be responsive and accountable to citizens/voters when:

Financing electoral campaigns, political parties and other political activities is independently monitored and flaws exposed

Citizens are civically empowered and supported to engage with political leaders at all levels of government, and make rational electoral decisions with a view of enabling them to realize their rights.

Campaign finance reforms are prioritized and implemented in a manner that creates levelled playing field, promotes electoral integrity and enhances political hygiene.


Integrity sits at the core of our interventions and actions and we believe it is the missing cog in the management of public affairs in Uganda today.

Openness central in everything we do. We strive to ensure that our stakeholders and citizens access information they need.

We believe that things must not only be done but they must be done very well. We strive to become a center of excellence in policy and civic engagement

We live by the same principle we demand of political leaders – accountability. We are accountable to our members, citizens and other stakeholders

ACFIM believes in equal opportunity for all and prohibits discrimination on any grounds including gender, age, racial or ethnic origin, disability and sexual orientation.

The work of ACFIM in some instances is incredibly difficult that personal sacrifice is the only thing that makes us go through with it.


We believe in building mental and moral capability of the lowliest member of the community to rise and demand for accountability from the political leader(s). Our overall approach places people at the center

We believe in evidence based approaches and it is for this reason that we invest significantly in research and conduct surveys to build an impeccable body of knowledge.

We strive to ensure that each person that works with ACFIM including activists and community members who directly interact with our activities generally enjoy a happy working environment


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