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And the MP greed continues...

Ugandan parliament(Photo courtesy of Soft Power news)

The incoming 11th Parliament announced its arrival with an expected bang of defeating the proposal to scrap foreign trips. The President while meeting MPs elected on the NRM ticket and those on the independent ticket at Kyakwanzi, referred to these overseas trips as “lavish” and a form of “pure corruption”. Each MP gets UGX 2.5 million ($706) per day for benchmarking foreign travels. 

Indeed, justifiably so, the President’s clarion call makes a lot of sense given that the country is cash-strapped and wallowing in debts if only this call is applied across all arms of government. After all, some of the defiant MPs to the President’s proposal argued that ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’ challenging the proposal to apply also to the Executive.

The secret known is this predicted selfish behavior of MPs can only get worse given that the incoming Parliament has a majority of the newly elected MPs excited about foreign travels, hungrier for allowances, and change of lifestyle at the expense of taxpayers.

If Ugandans expected better, they should think again because it only gets worse each Parliamentary term, as the quality of debate and parliamentary business declines and parliamentreprenuership thrives. For the last 20 years, every current Parliament has made the previous look better. 

For the incoming 11th Parliament, the tale signs of a commercialized group of MPs are for everyone to see. The non-negotiable stance on banning foreign travel trips and subsequent increase of the travel allowances to UGX 420 billion ($118,660,836) from UGX 400.7 billion ($118,660,836) in 2020/21; and the UGX 20 million ($5,650) request by NRM MPs to recover from their expensive political voyage to Parliament. 

In an ideal state, these gallant men and women would be exemplary by reducing unnecessary expenditure, denounce foreign trips, and declare a “no -benchmarking kisanja” after all we know nothing good comes out of the benchmarking. Given the COVID-19 pandemic effects, the 11th Parliament ought to be frugal in the way it conducts business to save taxpayers the burden. 

But like their predecessors, the suckling of ‘blood’ must continue, and in large volumes to replace the ‘blood’ lost during campaigns, and what Ugandans get in return-vampire leadership. And the greed continues….!

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Abel Eseru · May 14, 2021 at 4:41 am

It is high time the new government steps up with tough measures of trimming the big public expenditure cutting across all the three arms of government.

Lwanyaga Alex · July 9, 2021 at 1:06 pm

The failure to learn from History, will only cause them more public mistrust. During campaigns they all talk sweet words with less money involved, but getting to parliament the language changes to money. May God work on them.

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