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National Unity Platform to collect UGX 28 million from MPs monthly

Members of the National Unity Platform during their retreat last week. (Photo courtesy of KK TV)

National Unity Platform (NUP) the youngest political party last week concluded its retreat held in Jinja, Eastern Uganda. Details emerging from the just concluded retreat show that Members of Parliament affiliated with the party unanimously agreed on remitting UGX 500,000 ($138.76) monthly to the NUP party account to support party activities and growth of the party in the next five years.

The National Unity Platform Party which has a total of 57 MP elects is expected to collect over UGX 28 million ($7,764), UGX 300 million ($83,353) per month and annually respectively. SecretsKnown salutes and appreciates the idea and spirit of NUP building its capacity to internally mobilize resources to run its own affairs in democratic growth.

However, challenges of compliance with MPs affiliated with the party in regards to remitting monthly finances is still an issue at hand that needs to be addressed. SecretsKnown learned during ACFIM’s study on Pre-Campaign Spending for Uganda’s 2021 Elections that political parties face the challenge of compliance by Members of Parliament in remitting monthly contributions to their respective parties.

The report reveals that the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) had challenges with MPs who adamantly refused to contribute UGX 400,000 ($111) monthly remittances to support party activities throughout their term of office.

The report further indicated that it was only the National Resistance Movement, the ruling party officials, and its members that successfully collected monthly remittances to help the party run activities. In the spirit of democratic growth, Secretsknown condemns such political behavior of defiance of honorable members in the strongest terms.

SecretsKnown believes in integrity in party building because you cannot build electoral integrity without the discipline of party members in paying allegiance to party rules and procedure. Political parties play a vital role in enhancing democratic development therefore core values of transparency, responsiveness and accountability must be internally embodied in our multiparty politics.    

SecretsKnown informs and reminds its readers that the government of Uganda under the Political Party and Organisation (Amended) Act 2005 is obliged to contribute public funds towards Political Parties that are represented in parliament.

Government has tried to effect Section 14A(c) of financing of normal day-to-day activities of parties. National Unity Platform (NUP) will therefore on top of remittances from members of parliament and well-wishers receive contributions from the government in accordance with their numerical strength.

Since the introduction of Multiparty democracy in Uganda in 2005, Secretsknown learned that the ruling National Resistance Movement due to its numerical strength has always received the lion’s share of public funding followed by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party. Democratic Party (DP) has been in third position, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) in fourth, and Justice Forum (JEEMA) last with one representative in parliament.

SecretsKnown challenges and calls upon the Electoral Commission and Office of the Auditor-General that have been reluctant in auditing of public funds received by parties to wake up and inculcate the culture and norm of transparency and accountability in utilization of public funds.

Section 14A(d) of Political Parties and Organisation (Amended) Act 2010 mandates the Auditor General to subject parties to auditing of public funds and consequently, political parties should ensure to file the returns and account to taxpayers the utilization of public funds.


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