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Emyooga is just another corrupt program

Hon. Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo during the launch of EMYOOGA in Gulu. (Photo courtesy of UMRA)

State minister of microfinance Haruna Kasolo confirmed that the Emyooga program has been engulfed by corrupt government officials. In his statement during an interview with New vision, he revealed to Ugandan taxpayers that;

“As it has been the case with other government programmes where some corrupt officials have perpetually schemed to defraud government, Emyooga was not spared too”.

Such a disturbing statement to the ears of the Ugandan taxpayer. Since Emyooga’s inception, SecretsKnown viewed this programme as a politically motivated one initiated pre-maturely to soften the ground for National Resistance Movement Party ahead of general elections.

The programme was launched four months before the general elections purportedly with intentions of impacting the livelihood of Ugandans. SecretsKnown believes there was no proper planning and systems for evaluating and monitoring the Emyooga programme.

The programme was just a political strategy to neutralize opposition parties’ popularity and canvass votes through capturing the ardent supporters for change of governance, youth, and women who were volatile due to unemployment, poverty.

The president and NRM tenderpreneurs were hoodwinking electorates with taxpayers’ money soliciting for support and votes in the January polls. Secrets Knowns demands for accountability and an indistinct impact of the lump sum funds that were channeled through the Micro-Finance Support Center (MSC). SecretsKnown and its readers wish to know whether as indicated, a total of 205,710 Emyooga parish-based associations that targeted about 4,114,200 beneficiaries and 6,101 SACCOs received their money.

The confirmation of corruption in the Emyooga programme was followed by Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh, the overall coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation who called for an audit and appraisal of the programme. Gen. Saleh argues that if the programme is not well re-examined, the intended goal might not be achieved. He added that the audit will help to do control damage.  

SecretsKnown reminds its readers that the programme targeted Ugandans in the informal sector that are required to come up with savings and credit co-operative societies (SACCOS) under 18 clusters including bodaboda riders, taxi drivers, restaurant operators, welders, saloon operators, among others.

In July last year during the launch of the Emyooga programme, Government said that the presidential initiative would be boosted with UGX 260 billion ($78,981) in grants to Ugandans across the country. Government set this amount in the 2020/2021 financial year and every constituency was expected to receive UGX 560 Million ($155,054). Minister Haruna Kasolo revealed that a total of over UGX 200 billion ($55,376) had been dispatched to about 6,000 SACCOs across the country by end of last month.

SecretsKnown has also noticed the unpleasant declarations by Kampala Resident City Commissioner Hussein Hudu on the Emyooga Programme. He says that the Emyooga programme is marked with red flags over what he revealed as abuse of the programme funds in Kampala.

While Addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre, he confirmed reports of ghost Emyooga SACCOs being created in different city divisions to defraud the government. He added that Civil servants and SACCO leaders are involved in soliciting for bribes from beneficiaries of the Emyooga programme. SecretsKnown confirmed that some groups have suffered a 10% deduction as a kick-back to officials to access the funds.  

SecretsKnown is deeply concerned with the abuse of state resources by government for its own self-interests. It is clear that government under the leadership of the National Resistance Movement party was not concerned about prosperity as the fountain of honor has always argued.

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