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State massacres its own people, report pins.

Police brutality arresting a citizen during last years campaigns. (Photo courtesy of LubowaReuters)

The Ugandan security agencies have perpetually infringed on the rights of expression, assembly, and association. The senseless shootings on the streets of Kampala city on November 18-19, 2021 that left scores dead, are fresh on the minds of citizens.

Amnesty International report states that security operatives using excessive and unnecessary lethal force killed 66 Ugandans from March 2020 up to the end of year December according to the report released by Amnesty International.  

The report points out that these security forces included police, military, and members of the civilian defence force-the local defence unit (LDU). The report further notes that lethal force was used while enforcing physical distancing and other measures introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The report reveals that 12 people out of 66 people killed were accused of violating lockdown measures while others died during political violence orchestrated by the security forces. These cold bloodshed killings puzzle SecretsKnown and its readers, quite often questions of the role of the state start lingering in the minds of the citizenry.  

SecretsKnown reminds its readers that since November 9 when electoral campaigns commenced the political campaign trail context started varying as it was marred with riots and protests. Secretsknown notices the selective enforcement of guidelines to control the spread of COVID-19. The implementation of scientific campaigns as guided by Electoral Commission was strictly on the opposition side that attracted suspicions and double standards of actors such as police and its sister security agencies as they commonly refer to. The report also faults Electoral Commission for enacting a roadmap under covid-19 guideline which selectively applied to an opposition politician.

SecretsKnown recalls massacres in Kampala City center where 54 people were killed in broad daylight on November 18 and 19. These massacres were followed by the arrest of opposition presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine while campaigning in Luuka district, Eastern Uganda.

The Amnesty international report further highlighted torture and illegal detention of opposition politicians and their supporters in the election aftermath. The report notes Kakwenza Rukirabashaija an activist and journalist and Francis Zaake, Mityana municipality member of parliament respectively who were arrested and tortured by security forces. The report additionally reveals that there were so many opposition political members, activists, journalists, and others arrested, detained, and faced prosecution for exercising their inalienable rights such as freedom of peaceful assembly, expression, and association.   

SecretsKnown recounts and reminds the readers of the report released by the US state department that was also pinning the Ugandan security forces on brutality and violations. All these reports call for one to wonder and imagine the kind of general elections citizens participated in amidst COVID-19. Many pro-democracy activists up to now still ask themselves why Ugandans went to the polls when they are not ready and why would security personnel take away the lives of citizens in their polls.

SecretsKnown demands for accountability from the government on heinous crimes against citizenry in the just concluded general elections.

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