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Successful candidates spend on victory parties as losers’ rue on lost wealth in election aftermath.

MP elect for Hoima East constituency, Hon. Mwesigwa Isingoma Patrick also known as Obama at Kitara Secondary School during lavish victory banquet. (Photo courtesy of Mosty Media)

Victorious candidates in the just concluded general elections have continued their spending spree. They have now embarked on lavish spending on victory celebrations as an extension of appreciation to the electorate for honoring their promise in the intensified campaigns.

Cases in point include the one observed in the Hoima oil city where supporters of the Member of Parliament elect for Hoima East constituency, Hon. Mwesigwa Isingoma Patrick also known as Obama gathered at Kitara Secondary School for a lavish banquet in celebration of his landslide victory. He pledged to make a feast for all his supporters in seven wards of Hoima East Constituency. 

SecretsKnown estimates the banquets will cost the MP-elect about UGX 40 million ($10,918). The spending is broken down into among others the following: hiring catering service providers, dance groups, and musicians; drinks and food including 4 bulls that are slaughtered and roasted by revelers.

Spending on victory parties on the scale and magnitude of Hon. Isingoma only serves to escalate the cost of politics and sink the political leader deeper into indebtedness. However, this is just a continuation of the story of his campaign methods.

The secret known is that Hon. Patrick Isingoma is one of the candidates whose election was procured with money rather than merited. Money was undoubtedly a key factor in crowding out his opponents and ensuring that he is the only candidate in the mind of voters.

Other lavish victory parties have been observed in Sheema Municipality, Sheema district, where spending giants like Dickson Kateshumbwa. Others are Hon. Tom Julius Ekudu – Gweri County Member of Parliament-elect.  Kabale District Mayoral-elect Sentaro Byamugisha in Kigezi sub-region among others. 

Victory parties have bemused and baffled political analysts, as successful candidates celebrate their win political losers are deeply in a sorrowful state counting financial contusions after colossal campaign spending war to win the seat. Banks and money lenders have peddled out their properties they had mortgaged while acquiring loans.

ACFIM believes that there are many victims who have been depleted by campaign spending wars and are nervous to come out share their ache of commercialized electoral politics in the concluded 2021 polls.

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