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Where did campaign money go?

An image showing campaign spending for the 2021 Elections

Campaign Administration took the lion’s share of campaign spending by political parties and candidates during the recently concluded general elections in Uganda.

In addition, campaign spending went in the direction of voter inducement activities; publicity through radio, road-drives, posters, and billboards; campaign paraphernalia, and organizing campaign events.

Campaign administration refers to the activities that facilitate the coordination of a political campaign’s operations such as advertising, polling, getting out the vote, and other activities supporting the effort.

Most of the spending on campaign administration went in the direction of facilitating campaign managers and agents. These are the men and women who moved door-to-door canvassing for votes.

The second most expensive campaign administration item was transport. Transport expenses covered the cost of hiring campaign vehicles including publicity tracks and purchase of fuel.

Financing election campaigns in Uganda is quite costly to the political parties that field candidates and candidates that participate in the electoral process as candidates.

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