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Electoral Commission in bumper cash harvest

The Electoral Commission raised UGX 7.9 billion ($2.7million) from nominations fees paid by nominated candidates for Member of Parliament and UGX 220 million ($59,459) from Presidential candidates.

This computation is for candidates vying for directly elected Parliamentary positions. It excludes positions for special interest groups which are subjected to an electoral college, namely; youth, workers, people with disabilities and the elderly.

ACFIM understands that the collections from nomination fees were deposited into the national consolidated fund. This consolidated fund is the Government account onto which all government revenues and funds are paid and from which money is withdrawn to fund all activities of government.

The biggest contributor of nomination fees were independent candidates who were 1,334 in number, contributing a total of UGX 4billion ($1 million) representing 50% of the total nomination fees collected.

Among political parties, National Resistance Movement (NRM) contributed the biggest sum of UGX 1.49 billion for 497 candidates representing 19%, followed by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) at UGX 840 million for 280 candidates representing 10%, while National Unity Platform (NUP) came 3rd with a contribution of UGX 723 million for 241 candidates representing 9%.

Source: ACFIM Progress Report November-December 2020

The box below provides the real numbers of how much was contributed by candidates from different political affiliations. It also provides the number of candidates fielded by the different political parties.

Nomination Fees Contribution from Parliamentary Candidates for 2021 Elections

New Parties Fielded More candidates than the Old Guards

Analysis of the list of candidates nominated by the Electoral Commission for Member of Parliament reveals that new parties such as NUP and ANT fielded more candidates than the parties that benefit from government funding on grounds of being represented in Parliament. 

National Unity Platform (NUP) headed by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a. Bobi Wine, fielded more candidates (241) at Parliamentary level than the combined number of DP (122), UPC (42) and JEEMA (19).

Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) which is a new party as well, headed by retired Gen. Mugisha Muntu, fielded more candidates (115) Parliamentary level that UPC and JEEMA, for more than five years now, parties like UPC, DP and most recently JEEMA, have been benefitting from government funding which though shared on the basis of numerical strength, should have built capacity to field more candidates than they did.

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