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ACFIM now focuses on promoting political accountability

ACFIM Regional members during the EPPA Orientation meeting last week.

ACFIM member organizations have affirmed their resolve to promote political accountability at the grassroots as part of their post-election interventions. This was one of the outcomes of the orientation meeting that brought together heads of ACFIM member organizations and program staff on February 6th, 2020 at Country Lake Resort Hotel, Garuga.

The project intervention titled: Efforts to Promote Political Accountability in Uganda (EPPA) is a 21-month project that commenced last year in November 2020 and will run through September 2022.

The EPPA project which is funded by the Democratic Governance Facility purposes to build awareness of policymakers and the public about political party and candidates’ campaign spending, campaign finance corruption, and their implications with a view of strengthening advocacy on the enactment of campaign finance law.

EPPA further seeks to monitor enforcement and compliance to the existing electoral legal/regulatory framework on political financing in order to generate evidence for advocacy and improve the relationship between elected leaders and their constituents on delivery of social services.

The envisioned change will be achieved through a number of pathways including fostering fair electoral competition for improved political accountability in Uganda’s democratic process. EPPA is premised on the prevalence of a commercialized political mentality where political socialization, participation, and contesting on electoral positions, are largely motivated by money.

This has undesirably escalated the cost of election campaigns hence locking out women and youth who do not have access to campaign funds on one hand while resulting in excessive spending by political parties and candidates on the other hand.

The project’s vision is enhanced trust in elections as a viable pathway to change of leadership in Uganda. EPPA is being implemented in 29 districts selected from 13 sub-regions of West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Teso, Kigezi, Busoga, Bunyoro, Rwenzori, Ankole, greater Masaka, greater Luwero, Sebei, and Kampala metropolitan

ACFIM will work closely with political parties, candidates, campaign agents and the electorate, members of parliament, electoral commission, ministry of justice, and constitutional. Media, activists, women, and youth at the village level, elected political leaders to execute this project.

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