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Electoral Losers Embark on Crude Means of Recovering Campaign Money

Losers in the Parliamentary polls held on 14th January 2021, have embarked on recovering campaign money from the campaign agents after pocketing and choking on this cash meant for electorates in exchange for votes.

 Like many others before it, the 2021 general election was a do-or-die affair where most candidates spent heavily in anticipation of winning the hearts of voters, but things went the other way for a number of them. Now they seem to be placing the blame on their agents and voters who “ate” their money during election campaigns.

 According to ACFIM’s campaign finance database, candidates engaged in expensive campaign schemes that required massive spending for visibility and reaching out to the electorate.  

For example, they formed task teams at the constituency level which had to be remunerated.  These teams were structured from sub-county up to grass root level and they acted as the focal point of political parties and candidates. They canvassed for votes on behalf of candidates in their areas of jurisdiction.

Secrets known has learned that unsuccessful candidates have resorted to hunting down and threatening to arrest campaign agents who failed to get them elected. They intention is to recover campaign money after the voters religiously followed the common slogan of “eat widely but vote wisely”

 In Kabale district, campaign agents of Dr. Protazio Begumisa former parliamentary candidate for Ndorwa East constituency are on the run, fleeing from the raging losing candidate who wants his money back. The affected are campaign agents from sub counties from Kyanamira, Buhara and Mazima. Among these agents on the run are Godfrey Barugahare, Julius and Abel who have allegedly failed to account for 500,000 shillings ($135) that was meant for each village.

 In Kyotera, State Minister for Microfinance has a video that has gone viral on social media where is he demanding that campaign agents and voters pay back the monies, he donated to them after they overwhelmingly voted him out. Similar examples are numerous countrywide.

The secret known is that during elections, campaign agents embezzle the funds handed to them by candidates in desperation of getting elected. They view the campaign period as a season of “making a kill” from candidates. They often claim to hold sway within the electorate.

 Uganda’s politics should be purged of the men and women who have conspired to divert politics and political thinking from being a service to the people to being a business. Electoral positions must not be money making ventures because such attitudes have often sacrificed Uganda’s democracy at the altar of self-enrichment.

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