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FUFA President in Campaign Spending Extravaganza

Federation of Uganda Football Federation (FUFA) President, Engineer Moses Magogo (Mr), has been spending on his campaign trail for Member of Parliament, more money than some presidential candidates combined.

Magogo is contesting in Buyende East Constituency, Buyende District in Busoga sub-region (Eastern Uganda). His campaign spending has overshadowed the rest of the candidates in the entire Busoga.

The FUFA president started spending two years ago when he sponsored all primary leaving students that scored grade one in the Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) in the entire Buyende district. Eng. Magogo has reportedly been offering every student a number of scholastic materials including mattresses, text books, notebooks and toiletries among other things.

ACFIM observers in Buyende report that when Magogo goes to a campaign meeting or rally, he does not make speeches, rather he says, “I am Moses Magogo, I want to represent you in parliament, so make one queue and receive my message”. He then leaves his handlers to cash out UGX 5,000 or 10,000 to everyone in the queue.

Magogo has donated a brand-new bicycle to every village chairperson in the constituency and a brand-new motorcycle to every subcounty chief. When he was approached by one of the journalists that work in partnership with ACFIM to find out why he was spending as if money is not a problem, the FUFA president gave his reasons.

First, he believes strongly that once he is in Parliament, being appointed minister is almost a foregone conclusion. Secondly, he notes that within the ranks of Football Association presidents, he was almost the only one with no other government position. Hence his impetus for spending is to gain recognition within the international club of Football Association presidents.

The secret known is, the FUFA President’s expensive pursuit of the Member of Parliament position is for self-aggrandizement rather than representing the people of Buyende East Constituency.

And this is not unique to Magogo, rather more than half of the candidates standing for member of Parliament and other lower electoral positions in Uganda are doing so not necessarily to serve but to pursue personal enrichment and happiness. This is because electoral politics in Uganda has been overly commercialized and individualized.

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