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Campaign Advertising Surges at Tail End

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With just one day left to the general elections in Uganda at Presidential and parliamentary level, campaigns have intensified with an exponential increase in campaign spending on media advertising.

Political candidates across political parties and independents have booked for programs and are advertising on different television and radio platforms such as spot messages, squeeze backs, video infomercials, talk shows, Dj mentions among others. The National Resistance Movement in particular has booked and paid for all political talk shows on all radio stations across different regions.

The secret known for this last-minute enormous advertising on radio and television is that every candidate is desperate to win the elections. This desperation has been escalated by the high cost of campaigning where candidates sell off their personal assets and even borrow to push the election campaign over the line.

With this advertising, candidates are sending a quick reminder to the electorate of their candidature, symbols, core values and political affiliations in order to be voted for on the election day scheduled this week Thursday Jan, 14th 2021.   

Rate cards of advertising for radio and televisions have also shot high amidst these last-minute campaigns.  A radio talk show is estimated to cost one million five hundred shillings (378 USD) from the six hundred thousand (162 USD) that was previous charged for a talk show.

The Uganda electoral commission recently banned campaign rallies in urban cities due to the overwhelming rise in numbers of COVID-19 cases justifying this ban as a way to curb the spread of the virus.

In urban centres, most political candidates being in panic mode have resorted to advertise on radio and television to canvas votes digitally while avoiding physical interaction.

Aspirants like Kyagulanyi Sentamu also known as Bobi wine who is a presidential candidate has even gone ahead to compose a song that is being aired on social media platforms and various television and radio stations. In this song, Bobiwine is mobilizing his supporters to widely vote come election day as a last-minute strategy to electorates he has not reached out to yet.

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