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ACFIM Retools Campaign Campaign Finance Monitors

ACFIM last week converged Campaign Finance Monitors in Kampala to re-orient them with the skills required to monitor Campaign spending across the country as we head into the 2021 Elections. ACFIM staff at the secretariat are also traversing all the regions and having one on one re-orientation with the monitors on the use of the ACFIM Campaign finance monitoring (CFM) application. This is an online application developed by ACFIM to track and record Campaign Finance across Uganda.

ACFIM with its regional partners selected 143 Monitors that are monitoring Presidential, Parliamentary, Local Governments and Special Interest Group (SIGs) elections in 2020/2021. The Campaign Finance Monitors have been deployed in 29 districts in different regions across the country. They were prior trained by ACFIM on data collection methods using the data collection tools, data verification using the campaign finance online application to upload campaign expenses. This data will then be uploaded onto the Campaign Finance online platform to produce a holistic report highlighting sums that would have been spent after the 2021 Elections. 

With support from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), Monitors received Smart phones that will enable them easily monitor, collect and document political party and candidates spending on media and on the ground. Campaign administration, Publicity, events, voter inducement, election Day expenses and misuse of state resources will all be tracked. This is an effort to curb Commercialized Electoral Processes.

Due to the clandestine campaign nature of political candidates, there was need to retool monitors on approaches of collecting data as campaigns intensify. The Electoral Commission of Uganda has also accredited the monitors under ACFIM to monitor the 2021 General Elections. With these tags, monitors have a legal pass to observe and track Campaign expenditure.

ACFIM remains the first and only organisation in the region that has gone digital in Electoral Observation of monitoring Campaign Finance. Previously in 2016, ACFIM monitored and collected data using a manual hard copy tool. With only 59 days left to Elections, the new Campaign Finance application on board will enable ACFIM more efficiently track campaign spending in the forthcoming elections.

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