What Electoral Campaigns mean to Sebei Sub-region

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What Electoral Campaigns mean to Sebei Sub-region

Walking through the streets of Kapchorwa in sebei sub region one could hardly feel the election campaign fever that has gripped many parts of the county. This is because after going through an expensive party primary election for NRM, the flag bearer for area Member of Parliament is to say the least, assured of being elected come January 14, 2021.

With the new normal of campaigns without open mass rallies and processions, the
district has gone through a quiet pre-campaign period. Outdoor campaign advertising
has not been embraced and the size of posters tells it all. Mostly candidates have gone for A4 and A3 size coloured posters mostly.
There are five candidates nominated for District Woman representatives and two for
Municipality Members of Parliament, one would think that these candidates are
unopposed. Other than the incumbents who are also the flag-bearers of NRM party, the rest of the candidates are independent. Opposition political parties are yet to establish ground in Kapchorwa.

Kapchorwa district in Sebei sub region is a stronghold of National Resistance
Movement. One resident told ACFIM that president Museveni is aware and confidently assured of a land slide victory in the area hence explaining the minimum spending.

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