National Youth Council Electoral College Delegates Question Government Financing

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National Youth Council Electoral College Delegates Question Government Financing

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Candidates and delegates of the National Youth Council electoral college are
questioning the yardstick used by the Electoral Commission in determining the
amount of facilitation payable to the delegates. The development came during the electoral college delegates conference that was convened on November 5, 2020 during which the delegates were advised that their facilitation will range between UGX 300,000 – 400,000 ($80-$108)

A statement released by one of the candidates, Ivan Bwowe, reveals that when the delegates questioned how the amount payable was determined, the organizers suddenly revised the amount payable to UGX 680,000 ($184). This was paid out uniformly to all delegates regardless of distance of one’s district of domicile.
The funds were intended to facilitate delegates’ travel, lodging and meals while
participating in the 3-day delegates’ conference. Organizing and convening the youth
electoral college is the mandate of the Electoral Commission.

This begs the questions, why was the money carried in a sack and paid out in cash
instead of doing so electronically through the bank or by use of mobile money? What
is the yardstick used in determining the amount payable? Why is the money not paid
out at the beginning of the conference to enable delegates pay for lodging?
ACFIM has learned that because of the policy of paying the delegates at the tail end,
the burden of accommodation and feeding of the delegates shifts to the candidates,
hence increasing the cost of contesting.

A candidate for national youth Member of Parliament candidate going through the
electoral college spends a minimum of UGX 1.5 million ($405) per district on
travelling and meeting delegates. Uganda has over 140 districts.
The delegates conference to elect the national female you Member of Parliament will
be conducted on January 21, 2021. Elections for regional youth Members of
Parliament are scheduled for January 29th – February 1, 2021.

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