Vandalism likely to increase the cost of outdoor campaign advertising

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Vandalism likely to increase the cost of outdoor campaign advertising

Political parties and candidates participating in Uganda general elections 2021 are likely to spend more on outdoor advertising continued and frequent vandalization of posters, banners and to some extent billboards. ACFIM’s election campaign finance monitors have reported increasing cases where unidentified people use knives to vandalize campaign advertising banners and billboards that are hanging low. There are several cases where posters are defaced on a regular basis.

On October 21, Kampala Woman Member of Parliament candidate Dr. Stella Nyanzi, posted on her Facebook page claiming President Museveni’s posters were pinned covering hers which had been pinned months ago around the city. Nyanzi’s post partly reads, “…Museveni stop covering my campaign posters with your own posters! Campaign materials cost money. Pasting them in the public spaces of the city takes both time and Human Resources. Tell your team to stop this unfair form of bullying!”

The law (The Parliamentary Elections Act), says that it is an offence to maliciously damage, deface or even remove an election poster of a nominated candidate. This can even lead to a fine of up to UGX 500,000 or one-year’s imprisonment or both of these punishment. This means that whoever involves in this act is in danger of arrest and prosecution by law for their ‘late night’ activities.

The Kampala Capital City Act, 2010, allows the Kampala City Council (Maintenance of Law & Order) Ordinance 2006, and the Kampala City Council (Outdoor Advertising) Guidelines, 2008 prohibit the display or causing or permitting to be displayed in all outdoor areas, whether on the exterior surface of any building or on any part of any premises, or on any free-standing advertising structure, any posters or advertisements of whatever nature, without a License or Permit from the City Administration.


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