Media house owners hike advertising rates ahead of 2021 elections

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Media house owners hike advertising rates ahead of 2021 elections

Political parties and candidates participating in the general elections 2021 will inevitably spend more because media organization across the country, have revised their advertising rates upwards.
ACFIM has accessed a revised rate card from one of the leading national television has created a new packages per party/candidate namely; Platinum – UGX 75 million ($20,270), Gold – UGX 50 million ($13,500), Silver – UGX 35 million ($9,460) and Bronze – UGX 20 million ($5,405). These figures are quite debilitating for an ordinary political candidate for MP.
Information ACFIM has obtained from the private media monitor – IPSOS, reveals that the owners and operators of radio and television station met in their regional cohorts and agreed to uniformly increase their advertising rates. Consequently, every geographical region has agreed on an own rate different from the other regions.
Central and western regions (Ankole-Kigezi) have understandably set higher rates compared to their counterparts in Eastern and Northern regions. The Electoral Commissions (EC) completed nominations for Member of Parliament candidates countrywide and save for the seven candidates that were unopposed, the rest are raring to start campaigns.
However, the EC has banned open air campaigns as one of the COVID-19 preventive measures and directed that election campaigns will be mainly conducted via media (radio, television, internet and outdoor advertising).  There is no doubt that political parties and candidates will spend more money than it were on previous elections, to secure substantial airplay on radio, television and online.

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