The NRM Money Machine. What is NRM telling 2021?

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The NRM Money Machine. What is NRM telling 2021?

Scenes of candidates dishing out money to voters were very prevalent in the NRM primaries. This gives semblance to how automated money machines operate because of how they eject money to people and no one questions the source of the money, the total amount and the balance.

 These machines operate 24/7 and are always on standby open to the public to collect money at their convenience just like how candidates went door to door giving out money in hopes of gaining their vote. NRM best suits the equivalence of a money machine in the just concluded 2020 party primary elections.

NRM, has overtime changed into a money machine that is a driving factor surpassing the spirit of patriotism and ideology. Ideology has not only been given second thought but has been trashed with the money factor accorded special priority in elections in determining the future of the party and country which is politically disastrous.

Conversations around party primary campaigns with electorates revealed that they were not aware that lumpsums of money given was tax payers money. Their responses were surprising with them stating that whether the particular candidate was a thief or not, he was “their thief. “The state of Uganda’s politics is really worrying because of how commercialized politics has engulfed the electoral systems in Uganda with unknown sources of campaign finance.

Democracy and electoral integrity thrive on transparency and accountability therefore concerned citizens should question the sources of NRM money machine that is dished out to electorates in return to reciprocate votes. The corrosive sums of money that manifested in NRM party primary elections ring fenced charismatic leaders with ideas who are effective and efficient for service delivery. The nature of the transactional relationship between candidates and voters portrays self-interest representation after leaders are voted in the office which in turn stunts service delivery in the country.

Lavish campaign spending exhibited in party primary elections is likely to impact the economy. If the NRM continues to operate like a money machine that wins souls through splashing monies to hungry electorates who have been battered by the failure of functionality of institutions leading to impoverishment, the moment this machine dries up, hell will break loose and NRM will be history. 

A true depiction of the future of the NRM party and attachment to money is quite similar to the analogy of a married couple whose foundation is built on money not love. It is therefore high time political parties and candidates embrace transparency and accountability in the financing of electoral processes in order to build political hygiene, integrity, and sanity hence making political leaders responsive and accountable to electorates.

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