Justice Forum Party Cash strapped and desperate for Political Party Funding ahead of 2021 polls

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Justice Forum Party cash strapped and desperate for Political Funding ahead of 2021 polls

JEEMA one of Uganda’s longest-serving opposition Political party is experiencing a crisis in financing its party activities ahead of 2021 general elections. As argued always, money is the mother’s milk in politics and a justifiable amount of money is needed to run party activities for effective and efficient participation in elections. JEEMA which was founded in 1995 as a pressure group left Campaign finance observers baffled at the event quality of their National delegates conference, the number of delegates and logistical elements.

It was undoubtedly clear during this conference that JEEMA is struggling to base on the way the function was organized. The choice of the hotel venue spoke volumes, quality of tents and chairs hired, poor-quality public-address system, branding and decoration, limited campaign paraphernalia such as party-branded t-shirts, books, pens, hats among others for delegates as compared to the other political parties like the ruling National Resistance Movement and Forum for Democratic Change.

During the delegates conference, JEEMA passed a political resolution to endorse Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi wine the presidential candidate from the National Unity Platform for presidency in the 2021 elections. This was due to the inability of JEEMA to finance their presidential candidate as a party. Spirit voluntarism and ideology is what drives JEEMA delegates and party leaders as noted during the ceremony.  ACFIM election observers revealed that if it was not for funding support from the Netherlands Institute for multi democracy the event would not even have transpired.

Strength in representation in parliament will support sustainable functioning multiparty democracy among existing parties. JEEMA can freely and fairly compete in elections with the ruling party if the resource envelope from government is equally shared henceforth levelling the ground.

 Having only one representative in the parliament of Uganda, JEEMA gets only 0.3% from 10bn UGX allocated to political parties represented in parliament by the government of Uganda every financial year equivalent to 27,700,831M UGX to run party activities which is still low. Other sources of funding are through contributions from its members and fundraising.

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