How heavy campaign spending triggered violence

The NRM primaries that transpired early this month were marred with astronomical sums of money spent by candidates triggering violence in most constituencies across the country. It was clearly observed that some candidates took part in the door to door voter bribery distributing 20,000 UGX on the eve of the Election day. The line-up at various polling stations bore resemblance to that of an ATM booth with agents cashing out banknotes to the voters. Most candidates spent heavily in connotation that voters would reciprocate money into votes but were however traumatized by the poll results.

Contemplation of financial bruises and debts after a loss in an election triggered violence in most of the constituencies with many losers contesting the results.
Candidates and voters in some constituencies lost confidence in the lining up election method citing its weaknesses like the compromise of secrecy. This in turn contributed to violence where some voters who broke their promise after milking the candidates were witch-hunted.  Some of the voters who had received double payments from both ends in fear did not show up to vote.