How dirty money dominated NRM party primary elections

After glancing at what happened during the National Resistance Movement party primary elections, a picture of what can be termed as a “strange democracy” came to my mind. The election was characterized by the spending of colossal amounts of money on the bribing of voters. One thing that struck me was that voters took this money joyfully without establishing its source and thinking through how this money would be recouped.  

Politics has become the best-paying venture in Uganda and most candidates risk a lot in raising money to facilitate their campaign activities. Today, technocrats who want to join elective politics are engaging in corrupt ventures, politicians are selling off properties, getting loans from money lenders and banks to finance their campaigns.

The high appetite for money from the candidates and voters has made elections in Uganda turn into a market place contest where there are willing selling and buying of votes. This has opened the route for dirty money to dominate election financing.