Published: 2016

Language: English

Pages: 37


Definition of Campaign Financing This can be referred to as the (legal and illegal) financing of ongoing political party activities and electoral campaigns (in particular, campaigns by candidates and political parties, but also by third parties).

Most party and candidate expenditures go to legitimate and necessary political activities such as rallies and events; paid media outreach; campaign materials and paraphernalia; and personnel and administrative costs.

Reference is made to political parties because increasingly, they are the only vehicle through which representative democracy can be realized. However, there is no doubt that the maintenance of effective political parties in between elections, and campaign financing during elections, are increasingly becoming expensive projects. Certainly, debate on political party financing, especially on campaign financing, has dominated the literature on multiparty elections with various propositions of ideal modes of practice. Dominant among these propositions are (1) state funding of political parties and (2) legal and constitutional reforms to regulate political party campaign financing