ACFIM is a Pan African civil society organization founded in Uganda to contribute towards building electoral integrity through monitoring money in politics and election campaigns; engaging the electorate on electoral accountability; and advocating for feasible reforms. ACFIM believes that sustainable democracy may not be realized if the question of money in politics and electoral processes is not addressed. ACFIM strives to address the gap where political finance stands out as one of the most under-researched and under-legislated subject in Africa.  

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Monitoring Political Finance (MPOF)

Financing electoral campaigns, political parties, corporate political financing, misuse of state resources on partisan activities, and interrogating the correlation between political/campaign spending and national economy.

Strengthening Civic Engagement for Political and Electoral Accountability (SCEPA)

Political engagements between voters and elected leaders, Anti-vote buying/selling Campaigns targeted voters and politicians, Supporting citizens to participate in and influence key political processes including elections and electoral reforms.

Campaign Finance Reforms (CAFIRE)

Advocate for amendments within electoral laws to incorporate provisions on Campaign Financing, tougher sanctions against voter bribery and prohibit the giving of the donations by all candidates including a president who is also a candidate.


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